Dr Bob Platfoot

Dr Bob Platfoot

Principal and Managing Director


Bob has over 30 years in maintenance and asset management across utilities, mining, manufacturing, facilities, defence, and other sectors. His work has led to improved deployment of asset management systems, advanced reliability assessments of facilities throughout the world and mentoring of private and public organisations in all aspects of their asset management requirements. Bob commenced his career in the NSW power stations where he earned a PhD in the fluid dynamics and aspects of life assessment of coal fired boilers. He then joined the Faculty of the University of NSW, lecturing in mechanical design, maintenance, and reliability, and undertaking asset management research throughout industry. 

In 2000 he formed Covaris, an integrated services and technology company, to progress practical techniques in the asset management transformation of businesses. Recent work has focused on the implementation of ISO 55001 asset management, asset portfolio planning and effective analytics to drive continuous improvement in both costs and asset capability.

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