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For over 25 years, Asset Schools has been sharing the knowledge of subject matter experts to help maintenance and reliability teams build competency and develop capability.

From deep, technical skills training to strategic asset management concepts, we’ve got you covered with public, onsite, or online courses. Courses are interactive and founded in extensive case history. Participants gain practical insights and tools that can be immediately applied to their work.

The recognition of our courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) participation ensures that the time invested in Asset Schools contributes to career advancement, ongoing professional growth, and development.

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Asset Schools give peace of mind that the investment in our Maintenance and Reliability professionals will provide a great return to both them and the business.

Gwyn Garland

Senior Manager

Asset Health Newmont

Asset Management School is a great investment for experienced Maintenance Practitioners who want to fine tune their skills, or for new entrants to use it as a sound starting base to the industry.

Roh Perera

Underground Planning Supervisor


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