Course Outline

2 Days

7 Core Modules

Begin with the END in Mind!  What Good Looks Like – MRO Supply Chain

  • Demand signal quality
  • Catalogued materials usage vs Free Text
  • High stock accuracy
  • High stock turns
  • Good relationship and control of vendors
  • Strong control via KPI’s and Metrics
  • Master Data is core

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved!

Supply Chain Effectiveness %

  • Demand Signal Quality %
  • Catalogued Material Spend %
  • Stock Accuracy %
  • Stock Turns %
  • PO Automation %

Master Data

Material Master Data

  • Lead Times
  • ROP & ROQ
  • Segmentation capability (MRP Controller)

EAM Master Data

  • Structures like Functional Locations & Equipment
  • BoM’s

Purchasing Master Data

Vendor specific data (part numbers, lead time, price)

Warehouse Operations

Following the demand signal

  • Stock on Hand process flow
  • Buy-to-Order process flow.

Stocktaking & the Importance of Stock Accuracy

  • Importance of counting
  • Cycle Counting

Stock Preservation

P3DR Concept

Inventory Management

  • Reducing risk at the lowest possible cost
  • Stock or Non-Stock Decision Process
  • Linking EAM and SCM together
  • Stock Turns
  • Repairable Materials
  • POTOBS – Potentially Obsolete Materials Management
  • Obsolescence Provision
  • Carrying Cost Calculation


Free Text spend process and its impacts.

Catalogued material spends and impacts.

Purchasing Master Data

  • Info Records
  • Source Lists
  • Lead Times

PO Automation

Procurement Overview

  • Goods vs Services
  • Materials on Contract
  • Cost AND Lead Times focus

Other Takeaways

  • Sample Calculators
  • Material Review Template
  • Cycle Counting Calculator
  • Sample Cataloguing Template (Taxonomy)

Who Should Attend?

Key Challenges Addressed

Goals of the Course

Learning Objectives

Expectations of Participants


Begin with the END in Mind!  What good looks like – MRO Supply Chain

What gets measured, gets improved!

Master Data

Warehouse Operations

Inventory Management


Procurement Overview

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Tim McLain

Tim McLain

Chief Strategy Officer, MRO Materials Management

Lexin Solutions

30+ years MRO/Materials specialist. National & Global roles for top companies. Cross-border project manager & team trainer. US-born, NZ & Aus experienced. Proud All Blacks supporter!

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