Whether you have 15 or 1500 people to train, we can tailor onsite training that works for you

Private Training

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Private Training:

The Benefits


Training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Content, examples, and case studies can be customized to align with your industry, culture, and strategic objectives. This customisation ensures that the training directly addresses your organisation's unique challenges and goals.


Onsite training can focus on topics that are directly applicable to your organisation's operations and industry. This ensures that the training content is highly relevant to the employees' day-to-day work and helps them acquire skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in their roles. Training can be designed to address specific gaps or areas of improvement.

Cost & convenience

Onsite training is always more cost-effective compared to public training, especially when a large number of employees requires training. Your company can save costs associated with travel, accommodation, and registration fees for public training programs. Additionally, onsite training can be scheduled at your convenience, reducing potential productivity losses.


Onsite training allows for open discussions and sharing of sensitive or confidential information. Employees can freely discuss their challenges, experiences, and specific issues related to their work without concerns about confidentiality breaches. This fosters a safe learning environment where participants can openly exchange ideas and seek solutions to real organisational problems.

Productivity & engagement

Onsite training provides an opportunity for employees to participate in training sessions together, fostering teambuilding and collaboration. By sharing a learning experience, employees can strengthen relationships, improve communication, and develop a shared understanding of best practices. This can enhance teamwork, productivity, and cooperation.

Long-term impact

Onsite training has a lasting impact on culture and performance. Since the training is specifically designed to address the organisation's needs, it can contribute to long-term changes in behaviour, processes, and practices. The training can align the organisation around common goals, standards, and approaches, leading to improved performance, innovation, and overall organisational effectiveness.

Asset Schools

The right fit for your company:

Public Course or Private Training?

All Asset Schools are offered onsite. Course content can also be customised based on your specific needs. Many of our customers have utilised this option – either from one site, or to bring personnel to be trained together from multiple sites.

While onsite training offers these benefits, it's important to note that public training also has its unique advantages, such as exposure to diverse perspectives, networking opportunities, and access to expert trainers from different industries.

The choice between onsite and public training depends on your organisation's specific requirements, budget, and goals. Many organisations opt for a combination of both approaches to leverage the benefits of each.

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